Monday, 28 September 2015

Lake District, Penrith, Cumbria

Trust me to be poorly and in bed when the Lunar Eclipse hit the world early hours this morning. It is reported it will be another 18 years before the next one. There was no way I could get out of bed in the early hours to capture it :( I have seen so many amazing images of the Red moon just wish I could have been well enough to capture it. I am so gutted.

I can however post photos from a camping trip we took as a family a good 5-6 years ago now to Cumbria, I am afraid you will have to make do with these images :). I hope you will like them. The weather wasn't fantastic during our stay, we was suppose to camp for the full week, but due to the heavy rain after day 2, it was decided that we should pack up our things and head for home :(.

The first day we arrived at park foot caravan park and half way through the second day the weather was perfect and we got out to see the wonderful views Penrith had to offer. Lake Ullswater was just behind our camping pitch, but it was lovely to venture for a walk with the children and our little pooch Bailey. Bailey came across a spider web on the fence and his expression on his face said it all (What is that? Can I eat it) Yes Bailey would eat almost anything if you gave him it.

Just a cutie right? See this makes cheers up for missing the Lunar Eclipse. Here are some more views of Lake Ullswater. Just wish the rain would have held off so we could venture further.

Maybe one day I will make it back, but I will be staying in a caravan, that way there will be no deciding to go home early and I can venture further with my camera :)

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Wedding of Kerry and Martin - Hatfields Country Club, Hatfield, Doncaster

The wedding season is now near the end for 2015, but I still have a couple more images to showcase.

This time I am showcasing the wedding of Mr and Mrs Garcia, who had their wedding ceremony and reception at Hatfield's Country Club, in Hatfield Doncaster, South Yorkshire. It was a lovely day from start to finish, the celebrations started with the bridal group preparing for the day ahead, champagne was flowing relaxing the bride for her big walk down the aisle to her new husband. The bridesmaids were enjoying the big make over. Most off al the sun shone on the special day.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Katie's Birthday - The Licorist - Leeds

I was honoured when asked to shoot at katie's Birthday, and am so glad I decided to take the offer. The venue was spectacular, the colour and theme worked beautifully around Katie's theme. Black and White, with the exception of the Party girl herself, who was wearing a beautiful pink long length dress, she was the Belle of the ball. (Must ask to borrow that dress sometime) ;).

Everyone who attended the Birthday Event, looked wonderful and I was so glad to be a part of Katie's Birthday Party.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Wedding of Charlotte and Aaron - The Pavilion, Fulford York

Another special day for a wonderful couple, This time in York. Unfortunately after the ceremony the weather turned, it wasn't wanted by the bride or her guests,(I don't think any bride wants rain on their wedding day) but it was not spoilt.

The Pavilion, had lovely large rooms with open fireplaces, big large windows, wonderful rooms to capture the bride, the groom and her guests. When the rain decided to stop, we moved outside and captured them in the gardens. Behind the building which cant be seen from the front view of the hotel, it is hidden behind a wall and gate, I nicknamed it the secret garden :). The gardens were lovely and pleasant, little path ways, stones with lots of planted shrubs. "The little hideaway", it was a little haven, a place to relax and enjoy their togetherness, alone time enjoying the peaceful surrounding whilst their guests were at the bar.

Here are some images from the day

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Isabelle and Noah's Photo Shoot

Taking child portaits can be really challenging, but when you get results it make it all worth the while. With four of my own children, I have the patience to persevere and encourage children when sitting for a shoot. You have to make it interesting with little games.

These two little characters really made be work on this photoshoot. We had tears and tantrums. By the end of the shoot, Isabelle didn't want me to leave she wanted more. She is such a beautiful young girl to photography, she has the cutest facial expressions. Noah just went with it, until he got tired and hungry so we had to do the group family photo and sibling photos in between. It was good because Isabelle got to play with her toys in between.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Approaching Autumn

Looks like Summer is finally over for us in UK, more rainfall, The wind is picking up, and the leaves are changing. Tbh, I do like Autumn, I like to get wrapped up in my scarf and hat, and as the dark nights approach, you start to get that chrismassy feeling. Okay I have gone to far, step back a bit, I am talking about autumn and now gone straight to Christmas. Yes I can wait for that too.

So back to Autumn, its a great time to take photos of nature, when all the leaves turn that browny orange colour and go crispy. Thats when you know Autumn is here, the sound of the leaves crunching under you feet as you walk in the park. I cant wait for the leaves to fall and capture some good autumn/Fall photos, the kids playing with the leaves, having fun. Thats what memories are all about, remembering the good times and fun times, So this autumn/fall make it your job to freeze time, take you children to the park and throw some leaves about, whilst you enjoy capturing those moments.

Monday, 21 September 2015

The Ogdens Family Photoshoot

It can be hard to get the perfect family photo, where everyone is smiling and enjoying themselves, espescially with the older children, who dont like having their photo taken, therefore sometimes you have to be quick and press the shutter button at the right time. My client was really happy with these photos as I captured some great images with them all smiling and it shone through that they did actually enjoy it once they had relaxed a bit.

That is one part of being a photographer, is making people feel relaxed in front of the camera. Sometimes these are the best images to produce, the candid ones where they don't think you are ready to take the photo. However us photographers are always ready to capture the next candid moment.