Monday, 28 September 2015

Lake District, Penrith, Cumbria

Trust me to be poorly and in bed when the Lunar Eclipse hit the world early hours this morning. It is reported it will be another 18 years before the next one. There was no way I could get out of bed in the early hours to capture it :( I have seen so many amazing images of the Red moon just wish I could have been well enough to capture it. I am so gutted.

I can however post photos from a camping trip we took as a family a good 5-6 years ago now to Cumbria, I am afraid you will have to make do with these images :). I hope you will like them. The weather wasn't fantastic during our stay, we was suppose to camp for the full week, but due to the heavy rain after day 2, it was decided that we should pack up our things and head for home :(.

The first day we arrived at park foot caravan park and half way through the second day the weather was perfect and we got out to see the wonderful views Penrith had to offer. Lake Ullswater was just behind our camping pitch, but it was lovely to venture for a walk with the children and our little pooch Bailey. Bailey came across a spider web on the fence and his expression on his face said it all (What is that? Can I eat it) Yes Bailey would eat almost anything if you gave him it.

Just a cutie right? See this makes cheers up for missing the Lunar Eclipse. Here are some more views of Lake Ullswater. Just wish the rain would have held off so we could venture further.

Maybe one day I will make it back, but I will be staying in a caravan, that way there will be no deciding to go home early and I can venture further with my camera :)

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