Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Approaching Autumn

Looks like Summer is finally over for us in UK, more rainfall, The wind is picking up, and the leaves are changing. Tbh, I do like Autumn, I like to get wrapped up in my scarf and hat, and as the dark nights approach, you start to get that chrismassy feeling. Okay I have gone to far, step back a bit, I am talking about autumn and now gone straight to Christmas. Yes I can wait for that too.

So back to Autumn, its a great time to take photos of nature, when all the leaves turn that browny orange colour and go crispy. Thats when you know Autumn is here, the sound of the leaves crunching under you feet as you walk in the park. I cant wait for the leaves to fall and capture some good autumn/Fall photos, the kids playing with the leaves, having fun. Thats what memories are all about, remembering the good times and fun times, So this autumn/fall make it your job to freeze time, take you children to the park and throw some leaves about, whilst you enjoy capturing those moments.

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