Thursday, 29 October 2015

Gunby Hall, Spilsby, Lincolnshire

During a recent visit to Skegness, I came across a historical building and gardens museum you can visit as part of the National Heritage. These places are lovely to take a wonder round and you can capture some lovely images and scenes.

On the way up the road it was surrounded by farm life, animals in the field. So I jumped out the car and started clicking away. Not the animals noticed much they were too busy doing what they do best. Grazing, laying just mulling around their abode (field).

As we drove further down the lane we reached our destination, Gunby Hall. I looked quite small at first view but I would have liked to have had a look inside, but as we were short on time, we just chose to peruse their gardens at our leisure. On entering you access the gardens through a brick archway

As we walked around the garden pathways taking in the lovely flowers they had on display, you wouldnt have thought it was October as they were still in bloom. A couple of flowers actually caught my eye but this on in particular as I had never seen anything like it before, it was quite unusual unless your a gardening enthusiast and know your flowers and plants.

there were many flowers in the garden and these also caught my attention

I also got my first capture of a honey bee, this surely cant be October, unless insects are now braving the weather to work longer :)

So as we carry on walking around these lovely gardens of Gunby Hall, I spot a vision, I am visualising as us photographers do, we look at things differently to others, everyone likes a good view, but are they imagining the picture fully, what aperture setting it would need etc. A lovely apple vine walkway, well this was new, I had seen apple trees but not a vine type apple growing walkway

The next image got me intrigued, A little garden potting shed, with the tools and barrow nothing out of the oridnary by the sounds of that hey? Well that wasnt that caught my attention, it was what was in Wheelbarrow? A chair, yes a chair standing proud at punch, this looked to me like a resting chair for the gardener, maybe to give his/her knees a rest or to sit and take in the views of his/her work whilst enjoying a nice cup of coffee/tea.

There were brilliant views during our walk around the gardens of Gunby Hall, Here are a few from our visit, Iwould really recommend a visit, if you love gardening, or taking photos either amateur or professional amd sure you could find something that interested you, the gardens are well kept considering the size of the land.

Lovely right? Bet you want a visit, cos there is more ............ As you walk to the rear of the gardens you come to a wooden gate, and beyond that gate is a little church, I am not sure if it is used by residents in the area or it is now used as sightseeing historical building. As we walked up to the church I was still snapping away I wanted to capture all the things about Gunby Hall and its surroundings. It was just an ordinary church and grounds.

What was unusual was the doors to the church were open, it was open access, bit creepy really as I dont usually see churches around my local village with doors left open for peoples own perusal or entrance. But i was left open for a reason surely, so inside I venture, It was a small church, not much light at all, very dark, and as I only had my zoom lens 18-140mm f3.5/.6 it wasnt the best lens for use inside the church but I did my best.

So anyway that was our visit to Gunby Hall, Spilsby, Lincolnshire if you ever feel the need or urge to go take in some views or want a little walk around. They also have a cafe/tea room which of course is a bonus :)

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

T'is the season for Conkers!!!

Gone are the days my kids want to go out collecting conkers. We always new autumn was here when kids came home from searching the parks and woods with their dad with bags and bags of conkers.

Then cane the competition to find who could get the biggest and shiniest conker so they could win the game. And not forgetting the missing shoelaces from the shoes to thread through the conker. Who remembers taking the shoelaces our their shoes just for a game of conkers?? and then using the screwdriver to make the hole.

But who cheated by roasting their conker to make it the hardest? come on own up..... Guilty over here :) did this for myself and for the kids.

Even though my kids don't want to go out and find conkers, I have heard they come in handy to help keep the spiders away..... so am told. So always a good reason to go out looking for conkers and take some home put them in every corner of your room.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Indoor Photoshoot of Ewan and Imogen - little cuties

What a delight to be able to photography these two little beauties of my friend. It started off so well, we had smiles and laughter hugs and kisses, but as time went on children get bored and fed up of posing. It can be said it became a challenge after about 30 minutes. Ewan wanted to watch TV and play with games so we took a little break whilst we focused on Imogen.

Ewan watched some starwars on tv, whilst we got some lense time with Imogen, but Imogen soon became unsettled, those little tutsie pegs (teeth) were causing her some pain, bless her.

We persevered and waited patiently, bless their mummy who was getting frustrated, but I insisted she go have a coffee out the way and I will calm the children and we will get some good shots.

It was a joy to do, even with the tantrums and upsets, we built a bond we talked, played a little counting game, laid beside Imogen making her smile even my boyfriend came in to help cheer up the little soul...... it worked. I was really happy with the results despite the challenges

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Growing Up - all about technology and Selfies

Gone are the days my children ran around picking flowers, kicking leaves, shouting for me to chase them up the hills, then rolling down the hills, getting mucky ready for me to load the washing machine again.

I do miss those days, even though I am not getting any younger, I do miss my babies and running around after them. I have been looking at some old photos today remembering their mischeivousness and little quirky habits which with time they grow out of.

Before my children loved having their photo taken by me, but now I have been made redundant and its all about the selfies.

Pout, tilt the head, pout, smile, delete, smile, delete, pout, mess with the hair, pout delete and this goes on til my daughter has her perfect photo for social media. My sons on the other hand dont take selfies nor will they have a picture taken by mum in our own house without anybody watching :(

So all I have are my own memories from their younger days, and photos to look through and reminisce. These are a couple from a good few years ago now, when I first started getting into photography, see my youngest boy holding flowers, how times have changed you wouldn't catch him holding flowers now.

I remember this day well, we were all out on a walk round the Lakeside in Doncaster, South Yorkshire and there were big hills you could climb and then roll down, the kids really did enjoy it. (My washing basket and machine didn't) but they were having fun and that is what counted. And I am sure that when I show the children these photos they will remember the day too. The daffodils were in bloom and before heading home my two youngest decided they would pick me some flowers to take home. Here they are proud as punch with their flowers for mum.

So just remember, take plenty of photos whilst your children are young because as they get older it gets more difficult to capture them and freeze time.

I really wish I had got into photography sooner, but nowadays, we have these mobile phones with all the latest camera technology so really nobody has any excuse not to capture those special memories. Families are important, "you can earn more money but you cant earn more time".

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Mr and Mrs Davies' Wedding - 22nd August 2015 - Hatfield Country Club - Doncaster

It was a pleasure to be asked to join Kayla and Barry on their special day and capture their wedding. They were very accomodating and were wonderful models. Such a beautiful bride and the sun did shine on their day. I loved the vintage theme to their wedding, from the Brides car, to the lovely pastel colour flowers and the table decorations. It was truly a remarkable day for the Bride and Groom.

There was another theme to this wedding, Vintage cars, Each table was labelled a vintage car, from Bentley, Bugatti to Daimler. Now to mention wedding cakes, this coupld wanted 2 wedding cakes, a traditional wedding cake and a one with a difference, A Pork Pie cake with cranberries and a VW sign on the top layer.

This was a wedding with a difference. But that is it for me this year, the wedding season is over :( Boooo Hoooo.

But its not over forever, I am already taking bookings for 2016 and 2017. If you like my style of photography, then please send me an email on a request a price list.

Here are a a few images from the last wedding of this year, Congratulations Mr and Mrs Davies.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Misty Mornings

This past week or so it has been really foggy and misty in a morning, but yet its not cold like usual when you hit autumn/fall Season, but as I have been poorly with this flu virus I haven't been well enough to get out with my camera in a morning.

I was finding it so frustrating, I was thinking by time I am well enough the mist will have gone and we will have nice clear mornings.

But nope today I felt fine, so off I went in the car, Lights on!! Got to put those lights on in the fog lets see each other... No accidents please :)

My camera perched on the car seat beside me just driving around finding inspiration. There it one I quickly stopped the car grapped my camera and snapped, changing the apereture and shutter speed so I got different exposure levels, yet we could still slightly make out the objects in the mist.

The best part was when the sun was trying to make itself known, he was pushing through that mist like you would not believe. The sun was doing it for me, he knew I had been unwell so wanted to give me this moment. I was a happy girl, like a kiddy in a candy shop, or if you my children, like a boy on steam on black friday, or a girl shopping on amazon, or my eldest in the Biscuit cupboard, haha :)

I am so proud of these images considering the time I waited to get out with my camera and how everything just played out.