Thursday, 1 October 2015

Misty Mornings

This past week or so it has been really foggy and misty in a morning, but yet its not cold like usual when you hit autumn/fall Season, but as I have been poorly with this flu virus I haven't been well enough to get out with my camera in a morning.

I was finding it so frustrating, I was thinking by time I am well enough the mist will have gone and we will have nice clear mornings.

But nope today I felt fine, so off I went in the car, Lights on!! Got to put those lights on in the fog lets see each other... No accidents please :)

My camera perched on the car seat beside me just driving around finding inspiration. There it one I quickly stopped the car grapped my camera and snapped, changing the apereture and shutter speed so I got different exposure levels, yet we could still slightly make out the objects in the mist.

The best part was when the sun was trying to make itself known, he was pushing through that mist like you would not believe. The sun was doing it for me, he knew I had been unwell so wanted to give me this moment. I was a happy girl, like a kiddy in a candy shop, or if you my children, like a boy on steam on black friday, or a girl shopping on amazon, or my eldest in the Biscuit cupboard, haha :)

I am so proud of these images considering the time I waited to get out with my camera and how everything just played out.


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