Friday, 9 October 2015

Indoor Photoshoot of Ewan and Imogen - little cuties

What a delight to be able to photography these two little beauties of my friend. It started off so well, we had smiles and laughter hugs and kisses, but as time went on children get bored and fed up of posing. It can be said it became a challenge after about 30 minutes. Ewan wanted to watch TV and play with games so we took a little break whilst we focused on Imogen.

Ewan watched some starwars on tv, whilst we got some lense time with Imogen, but Imogen soon became unsettled, those little tutsie pegs (teeth) were causing her some pain, bless her.

We persevered and waited patiently, bless their mummy who was getting frustrated, but I insisted she go have a coffee out the way and I will calm the children and we will get some good shots.

It was a joy to do, even with the tantrums and upsets, we built a bond we talked, played a little counting game, laid beside Imogen making her smile even my boyfriend came in to help cheer up the little soul...... it worked. I was really happy with the results despite the challenges

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