Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Growing Up - all about technology and Selfies

Gone are the days my children ran around picking flowers, kicking leaves, shouting for me to chase them up the hills, then rolling down the hills, getting mucky ready for me to load the washing machine again.

I do miss those days, even though I am not getting any younger, I do miss my babies and running around after them. I have been looking at some old photos today remembering their mischeivousness and little quirky habits which with time they grow out of.

Before my children loved having their photo taken by me, but now I have been made redundant and its all about the selfies.

Pout, tilt the head, pout, smile, delete, smile, delete, pout, mess with the hair, pout delete and this goes on til my daughter has her perfect photo for social media. My sons on the other hand dont take selfies nor will they have a picture taken by mum in our own house without anybody watching :(

So all I have are my own memories from their younger days, and photos to look through and reminisce. These are a couple from a good few years ago now, when I first started getting into photography, see my youngest boy holding flowers, how times have changed you wouldn't catch him holding flowers now.

I remember this day well, we were all out on a walk round the Lakeside in Doncaster, South Yorkshire and there were big hills you could climb and then roll down, the kids really did enjoy it. (My washing basket and machine didn't) but they were having fun and that is what counted. And I am sure that when I show the children these photos they will remember the day too. The daffodils were in bloom and before heading home my two youngest decided they would pick me some flowers to take home. Here they are proud as punch with their flowers for mum.

So just remember, take plenty of photos whilst your children are young because as they get older it gets more difficult to capture them and freeze time.

I really wish I had got into photography sooner, but nowadays, we have these mobile phones with all the latest camera technology so really nobody has any excuse not to capture those special memories. Families are important, "you can earn more money but you cant earn more time".

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