Wednesday, 14 October 2015

T'is the season for Conkers!!!

Gone are the days my kids want to go out collecting conkers. We always new autumn was here when kids came home from searching the parks and woods with their dad with bags and bags of conkers.

Then cane the competition to find who could get the biggest and shiniest conker so they could win the game. And not forgetting the missing shoelaces from the shoes to thread through the conker. Who remembers taking the shoelaces our their shoes just for a game of conkers?? and then using the screwdriver to make the hole.

But who cheated by roasting their conker to make it the hardest? come on own up..... Guilty over here :) did this for myself and for the kids.

Even though my kids don't want to go out and find conkers, I have heard they come in handy to help keep the spiders away..... so am told. So always a good reason to go out looking for conkers and take some home put them in every corner of your room.

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